About Mr. and Mrs. O

About Mr. O

Mr. O  makes the best seafood chowder and clam chowder in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (he was confident enough to serve it the first time he met his future father-in-law. The results were good.).  He likes to put the laundry in to wash, but not to fold it.  Mr. O also prefers closed-toe shoes over sandals, and his Keen shoes are as far as he will go in the sandal direction, thank you very much.

He is much taller than Sylvester Stallone.

About Mrs. O

Mrs. O likes to read books and drink vast quantities of tea.  She prefers to fold the laundry (rather than putting it in to wash), and, like Nature, abhors a vacuum (though one of those Dyson purple vacuums would be nice . . .). Mrs. O loves the color purple (the hue, not the book), and wishes that people would not confuse purple with aubergine, wine, and mauve.

Mr. and Mrs. O are both exceedingly fond of their small son, whom they call, for the purposes of this blog, and sometimes in real life, Mr. Baby.