Sunday Dinner, Chapter 15ish: An Anniversary Celebration

Mr. O and I, you may or may not be interested to learn, met three years ago tonight.  That night we had a delicious dinner at a cozy Italian restaurant, and tonight we planned to make Chicken Marsala, one of our favorites.

Life does tend to impinge on plans, and after shepherding Mr. Baby through a (delightful) birthday party for a babyfriend, we were tired.  Breading chicken seemed an insurmountable task.

Then, after Mr. O made me a hot chocolate/cocoa, we ran out of milk. That settled it: Mr. O had to go the store to buy milk, and so naturally he needed to pick up kosher dill pickles, kettle chips, and a reasonably-priced (= under ten dollars) bottle of white wine.

And so it was that we had delicious tuna sandwiches (I will at some point reveal my secret for perfect tuna on this blog), chips, pickles, white wine, and no cooking for our anniversary.

Marsala next year.




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