Indoor Wednesday

It was too cold to take Mr. Baby out for a walk today, so we spent some quality time in the kitchen, mostly on dessert (post to follow).  For dinner, we adapted a couple of a Martha Stewart Living recipes: Coconut-Curry Noodle Soup and Chicken with Basil and Lime.

The soup is really easy — Thai yellow chili paste, chicken broth (I used the reduced liquid from this weekend’s chicken-poaching extravaganza), coconut milk, lemon and noodles.  I used thin, lo-mein style egg noodles from our local market, and it was fabulous. The soup is veg-able, by the way — just substitute vegetable broth for a vegetarian version, and rice noodles for a vegan version.

I was less faithful to the chicken recipe. I’d already poached chicken, so I made a marinade/sauce for the cooled chicken yesterday and let it sit in the fridge. I warmed the chicken on the stove (let it be known: I fear broiling) and I also forgot to buy basil, so scratch that bit . . . anyway, the chicken was a bit dry, as reheated chicken breast tends to be, but it was still tasty.

Finally, I mashed an avocado (bought for Mr. Baby’s enjoyment, and rejected outright) with lime and salt. It’s my minimalist guacamole, and a very useful side bite when soup is spicy hot.



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