Umami Chicken

I read about the notion of umami a few years ago, when someone sent me a link to this umami chicken recipe. Umami is the fifth taste, so to speak — sometimes defined as “deliciousness” or “savoriness”.  The umami chicken was a hit when I followed the recipe, and I’ve made variations on it ever since.

Last week, we roasted a six-or seven-pound chicken, after it had been whacked into parts (literally — Mr. O whacked it with our cleaver) and marinated in soy sauce, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and a plethora of spices.

We got three dinners out of the chicken pieces. The first two were simple, like this:

And the third was a bit more elaborate — I served the chicken with wild rice cooked in mushroom broth, parsley, and roasted carrots & feta:

We froze the chicken back and other bones, and this weekend I made four-hour broth, to which I added the cooked marinade and juices. Voila! Chicken broth — and not just any chicken broth — rich, brown, deeply flavored.

Last night Mr. O brought home tortellini, which quickly met the simmering broth and some kale I’d chopped the day before. Dinner!

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