Night of Jubilee

Mr. O and I are not big fans of broadcast TV.  We love TV — don’t get us wrong — it’s just that we’d rather watch episodes one right after the other, with no delays, and, more importantly, no commercials.

We make an exception for two comedies, which conveniently air back-to-back: The Office and Parks and Recreation. We love them. We really do. Guaranteed laughter every week (especially since Parks and Rec got through its freshman-at-the-homecoming-dance awkward phase The Office got out of its slump [sidebar: they were entitled to one slump in seven years]).

Both had one hour finales tonight, so we declared it a night of jubilee, which means:

Great fun.

Yes, our life is low-key.

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2 Responses to Night of Jubilee

  1. Shire Squire says:

    low-key? consider the movie line: “Luke, we’ve got company!”.. the little storm-trooper is about to make an appearance…

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