Special Edition — Saturday Dinner: In Which We Welcome an Important Guest

It was VIP weekend here at Domicile O: my dad came to visit! Very exciting, for lots of reasons, including: Dad is super fun to visit with, I don’t get to see my family all that often (certainly not as often as I’d like) and I miss them terribly, my dad is the first person from my side of the family to see our little place, and he brought with him not only his own charming company, but a gifts for Baby O and us, one of which we call the best baby carrier ever, and one of which has particular sentimental value, and will have its own post.

To celebrate the felicitous occasion of Dad’s, we had our own humble feasting!

A little background: Mr. O won me over with his wit, his exceptionally kind disposition, and his perfect brown eyes that reflect his smile.  He won my dad over with his clam chowder, just a few months later.  And so, in celebration of Dad’s visit, we had Mr. O’s clam chowder again!

Mr. O's Clam Chowder

The table set for lunch

We had a delightful afternoon together, followed by dinner:

Roasted Asparagus, stacked artistically by Mr. O

Couscous with currants, mint, and orange zest

Chicken Marbella

The chicken marbella was modified, of course — chicken thighs, extra garlic, more marinade, less brown sugar, mixed dried fruits instead of prunes alone, no capers (sorry Dad!) but extra olives.

After dinner, we repaired to a softer seat and dessert:

Blitztorte with Raspberry Sauce

Our only complaint about the visit: too short (thus, no time, alas, for major breakfast festivities)!

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2 Responses to Special Edition — Saturday Dinner: In Which We Welcome an Important Guest

  1. Shire Squire says:

    The chowder was a batch for the record books… it may be equalled; but unlikely ever to be surpassed. Thank you Mr. O for spoiling your visitor.

    • Mr. O says:

      I think I hear a challenge. Upon this day, the tenth of May, 2011 I hereby vow to make even better chowder than the chowder of the past. It will be a day worth rejoicing, with much feasting, merriment, and movie watching. I think some form of a Keanu Reeves movie will be in order. Perhaps Point Break or Much Ado About Nothing.

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