Mr. O Makes a New Cake. We Also Eat Dinner.

When I was reorganizing my recipes, I came across one for a Lemon Poppyseed Cake that bakes not in the oven, but in a slow cooker.  Yes please!

Mr. O, with his baking super powers, made the cake.

Here it is in the “oven”:

When it's done, it lifts free in the parchment paper. No cleanup!

And here it is done (it burned a wee bit on the sides, but nothing disastrous):

Finished cake

When the cake was done, Mr. O poured a lemon glaze over the top — the cake itself isn’t all that lemony. It has a really interesting flavor and texture from the cornmeal in the batter.  We wondered why the recipe calls for it to be cooked in a crockpot, and our hypothesis is that the lid keeps the moisture in, while the size and shape of the pot allow the cake to be relatively thick (I’ve never seen a cake pan of the same size with a cover). A tasty experiment, and one we think we’ll repeat.

Pre-cake, we tried a new recipe for dinner:  Greek barley salad. Thinking that we would have leftovers (which we did), I served tomatoes on the side, since they don’t do so well in the fridge. I also gave the red onion a quick pickle before adding it to the salad, to cut down on its bite. We liked the salad, and even though barley takes longer cook than other grains, the texture made the wait worthwhile.

With cucumbers, onions, peppers, parsely, and olives

On the plate

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