A Failure

Slimy and squishy foods and Mrs. O are not, shall we say, boon companions.

The insides of cucumbers?  No. Zucchini?  No way. Summer squashes? Absolutely not.

Mushrooms largely fall into the s&s category, although once I did have two — yes, two — port0bello mushrooms one summer with MF and KR.  They were grilled and served with some sort of horseradish creme fraiche sauce that made them taste like steak.  Delicious.

But — in the interest of being a grown-up, and being able to tell Baby O to try new foods without being a giant hypocrite, and our more-vegetables kick  — I thought it might be time to give eggplant another chance, despite the definite squishiness of previous eggplant parmigiana encounters.

[Sidebar: Eggplant in baba ghanoush is fine, because it’s pureed.  The squishy principle still holds. And anyway, liking hummus doesn’t mean that you’ll like chickpeas from the can.]

I found a recipe that purported to offer “crispy” eggplant — basically, a deconstructed eggplant parm. And off we went.

We salted the heck out of the sliced eggplant rounds, and breaded them with panko instead of regular breadcrumbs. We baked them in a hot oven, didn’t add the fresh mozzarella until the end of the baking, and served the sauce separately.

Eggplant parm, deconstructed

Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, the eggplant experiment was not a success. Mr. O thought it needed more sauce, and it was still too squishy for me. And those seeds? Yuck.

Mr. O, being the kindest and best of men, ate all the leftovers.

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