Ode to an Appliance

When Mr. O and I found out that Baby O would be arriving, the first piece of equipment we bought wasn’t a crib, or a car seat, or a stroller.  Nope.

We bought a food processor.

Processor Beast

The Shredder (insert Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reference here)

My dad made all of my sister C’s baby food – baby mash – and these days, she has the most sophisticated palate a girl her age could possibly have. So Mr. O decided right away that he’d follow suit.

Food processors these days are pretty spiffy. Ours came with a dvd instruction manual (Mr. O had a great time re-imagining some of its production values), and holy mackerel, is this thing powerful.  It just eats the food, so to speak.

I thought tonight’s dinner might task the processor beast: five onions in half moon slices required. Well . . .

It works!

. . . not a problem, turns out!

The onions were for a truly fabulous onion, white bean, and cheese bake, from the blog Stone Soup (I changed it, of course — more cheese, no stock, skipped the thyme, used only one pot).  It came out golden and bubbly, a cross between mac n’cheese (with beans instead of pasta) and French onion soup:

Right out of the oven

A good ending to a good day.



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