There Was Snow on April 1. We Can Make a Winter Dinner, Right?

It wasn’t snowing today, but it did rain enough to make the air chilly and crisp.

It seemed like a good day for warm and comforting food. We made three items, all from recipes, and all tweaked.

Monday Supper

Mr. O made the Joy of Cooking‘s Pumpkin Bread, doubling the pumpkin; hence we will call it Mr. O’s Double Pumpkin Bread.

Also on the menu: The New York Times Cookbook‘s Red Lentil Soup with Lemon (we’ve made it before, with green lentils — the red lentils do make it taste slightly different), omitting cilantro and adding turmeric.

And finally, we made Food and Wine‘s Dijon-Roasted Cauliflower, omitting the garlic, turning the oven to 350 degrees (we had to bake the pumpkin bread simultaneously), and letting it roast for 45 minutes.  Result:  unbelievably tasty. I’m amazed any of it made it from the roasting pan to the plate.

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