Food With Kick

It’s a post title with a double meaning: last night’s dinner was spicy (kick 1), and combined with ice-cold water, caused Baby O to do a little dance (kicks 2-17ish).

Dinner (which will be repeated tonight — so many leftovers!) featured another new dish: dahl. We’ve both tasted dahl before — in fact, my dad makes a mean lentil dahl — but we’ve never actually made it before.

I went with a yellow split-pea dahl, and added raisins and green peas at the end.  The list of spices that went in is long; cumin, coriander, and cloves were featured prominently. I added a hefty dose of cayenne pepper out of a new jar, not realizing that it would pack a much greater punch than the — I am about to make an embarrassing culinary admission — years old cayenne pepper we had in the cupboard until last week.


A quick taste test revealed the spiciness, so it’s a good thing salad fixings were available.  Mr. O cut the avocados for me, which I tossed, along with seeded cucumber, in a simple vinaigrette of lemon juice, light olive oil, and salt.  Chefs are always talking about the contrast of flavors and textures and temperatures, and I guess this is a pretty good example.


Even though there was more than enough dahl for three meals, we added coucous to dinner, since legumes should be paired with grains for ideal amino acid balance. Check out that knowledge!


And Mr. O made dessert: chocolate chip bars, which are like chocolate chip cookies, except that chocolate chip bars are unfailingly chewy and tender, and do not require an hour of standing watch at the oven.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars


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