Amazing Food. In OHIO!

Most newlyweds would probably run from the prospect of spending a weekend with the in-laws. Not us! I decided to head to the kitchen table and chow down.

The occasion for the trip was Mrs. O’s grandparents’ 60th wedding anniversary. Mrs. O and I will be celebrating our 6oth in 2070. I wonder if people will still be talking about Justin Beiber then?

Anyhow. Now with the food.

The first Course.

Yeah, Crab and Lobster Bisque. It was amazing, tasty, and could have been a meal unto itself.

Mystery Roasted Beast of awesome-ness. Roasted to perfection by my amazing father-in-law. I am still thinking of the leftovers that I wish were in my refrigerator as we speak.

We were not without veggies. I definitely felt a one-up coming on when I tasted the butternut squash of amazingness. MMMMM. I love butternut squash and I must learn how to make it as great as this was.

Mrs. O made her amazing french warm potato salad.

If there is one reason I love the Amish, its for their bread. They can make bread better than a hair dresser with 40 years of experience can cut my hair on a Sunday. Mmmm.

As you can see, it was a successful evening. Happy 60th!


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2 Responses to Amazing Food. In OHIO!

  1. Shire Squire says:

    The anniversary dinner was most good– it was an inversion to have the O’s as observers and sou-chefs; I hope they enjoyed their break from the usual routine!

    Complements to the master photographer– he always makes everything look maximally yummy!

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