The Captain Kirk Solution

Being pregnant and trying to sleep at the same time is kind of like the Kobayashi Maru scenario. Sleeping flat on your back, horror of horrors, means decreased circulation for the baby; sleeping on your left side, as recommended by every holier-than-thou baby book and website, results in your left hip exploding in pain at about 2 a.m.  A conundrum? Not so. An opportunity for critical thinking, say I.

Besides, I don’t believe in the no-win scenario.

With the indulgence of my husband, whose share of the bed’s real estate is plummeting week by week, I have concocted a solution that I like to call the command chair:

Command Chair

Command Chair

(And yes, that is my own garish artwork.  Our covers are not actually the color of the good-tasting cough syrup.)

The command chair is three standard pillows (back of the chair), two king-sized pillows, one on either side (armests), and one standard pillow on the right side to keep one tilted slightly to the left.

An elegant solution? Perhaps not.  But we all know that Kirk never wins pretty.

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