Sunday Dinner, Chapter 13: In Which We Balance A Bacon Fest Lunch with Virtuous Vegetarian Fare

Bacon is a rare indulgence for us at The Os At Home. Sometimes a recipe calls for a little bacon, and then necessity dictates that you eat the rest for Sunday brunch. And sometimes bacon just sounds like the most delicious idea possible when you’re six months pregnant, and your sweet husband picks some up at the store for you.

Such was the case this week, and this morning we had hagel and bagel, as we say in my family, which has nothing to do with bagels at all — it’s fried eggs and bacon. And we had sourdough toast too:


Tonight, we decided to compensate for our delightfully bad brunch by making a healthy dinner — something delightfully good.

We decided to pair our latest salad standby — romaine with homemade French dressing — with a new recipe.

Last summer, we stopped at a Whole Foods (Mr. O calls it Whole Paycheck) to grab some quick eats, and the sesame tofu outshined even the couscous with cranberries.

It’s been on my radar ever since.  Conveniently, the last time we looked for tofu at the store, the only firm option available was extra-firm pre-cubed tofu. Handy! A quick search turned up the recipe for the WF tofu, but I was not about to pan-fry tofu in an inch of oil (although I can’t say that I haven’t fried carrots in bacon fat — in my salad days, that is).  So I tweaked the recipe, added spaghetti and peas to the finished dish, and called it a day:


I’ll post the modified recipe at some point. Happy Sunday, Dear Readers.

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