Sunday Dinner, Chapter 12: In Which Mr. O Revitalizes a Winter Staple

Around October, I become obsessed with making chicken stock.  We roast a chicken at least once a week in order to make stock and soup from the leftovers, and I get to feel very virtuous for not wasting a bit of the chicken.

Fast forward to February.  I am now tired of making chicken stock and want to move on to slow-cooker meals. I am also tired in general (see announcement, mid-December).

So when Mr. O suggested that we roast a chicken, I was very enthusiastic when he also announced that he would be taking all poultry matters into his own hands.

Today, Mr. O only compounded his first success — roast chicken, accompanied by roasted carrots and parsnips and stuffing — by making great use of its leftovers. He made a gorgeous chicken stock, adding in lemons and onion and carrots and pepper flakes.  It was golden and fragrant and made half the house smell absolutely delectable (the other half of the house smelled like lilac — new candle.  I love lilac.).

When the stock was ready, Mr. O added new carrots, peas, farfalle pasta, and the rest of the chicken, serving the soup with fresh bread:

Mr. O's Hearty Chicken Soup


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