Blizzard Food

Today we had a blizzard in Boston,

Snow Day

necessitating much shoveling and much doing of work at home (because the travel conditions were so bad).  When we woke up this morning to shovel, all the cars were still in the driveways, covered in snow.

After shoveling, we had breakfast:

Banana Pancakes & Sausages

After breakfast, we both went about our work, while the snow kept falling:

More snow

Then we had lunch:

Homemade Egg Salad & Regular Salad

And then we worked some more, and it snowed some more:

Lots of snow

And then, after a long day of snow, shoveling, and work, we had dinner:

Crockpot Beef Stew

And that is our story of the food that we ate during the blizzard (there were also bananas and grapefruits and baby carrots involved, but I forgot to take pictures. Oh well.)

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