Before-Blizzard Dinner

Mr. O went to the grocery store on the way home from work today, to pick up a few things before tomorrow’s blizzard-of-doom-that-probably-won’t-be-that-bad-since-everything-is-already-closed.

He came back with milk and eggs and ingredients for tomorrow’s stew, and a surprise dinner plan: chicken parm!

Now, you should know that when we were first dating, Mr. O liked to impress me with his fancy cookery skills. We had Thanksgiving turkey in July (he called his Nana to check the procedure for tenting the turkey), harvest pumpkin soup in the fall, and once, veal parm, with even the sauce from scratch.  It was heaven. (It was also the last veal I ate, since I read sad things about the baby cows.)

So anyway, I knew I was in for a treat:

Piece of resistance, as we say in my family

We’ll let you know how the blizzard goes.

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