A New Look

No, not for the blog. That’s too advanced for us. Well, just for me. Mr. O is a tech whiz.

The new look is for our dining-room-we-use-as-an-office and living room, thanks to Phase 1 of furniture ballet.

So now the not-for-dining-room holds our desks, office accoutrement, two bookcases, a reading area (futon + cedar-chest-that-stores-clothes-and-looks-like-coffee-table):

New reading nook

Please note, if you will, the fabulous coasters that my sister J made us as a wedding/Christmas gift.  I’ll post another picture of them up close soon — they are beautiful.  And she made them!

Moving the futon freed up quite a lot of room in the living room, which will, sooner than we think, be filled by an invention called a “pack and play”  — a small sized prison, complete with changing area and completely, if not easily, portable crib, for babyfolk.  Huzzah! (Thanks to Mom, J, and C for this inestimable treasure! We won’t have to go all the way to the nursery to change diapers!)

Daisy has also been moved to a more prominent position, and we’ve managed to fit even more bookcases in too:

Mr. O cleaned the whole room . . .

. . . and did all the heavy lifting.

Now we shall take a break from furniture machinations, at least until we can bring ourselves to face the daunting new parent crib-building challenge.

We suspect that it will be back to mostly food-oriented posts soon, Dear Readers.

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2 Responses to A New Look

  1. The Younger Sister of Mrs. O (the Older One) says:

    : ) Your place is lovely! It’s so eclectic and awesome-looking! I want to camp out in your living room it looks so cozy….

  2. Mrs. O says:

    Thank you! You are welcome to camp out in the living room — when it gets warm enough, the sun room will be at your disposal! (No pictures of it right now because it was wrapping central for awhile. It’s also about zero degrees in there, so we like to keep the door shut . . . )

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