I was on the phone with my dad earlier, and the family is having quite the delicious smorgasbord of leftovers tonight. Mr. O and I will be eating one leftover dish, but it is quite tasty.

Last night, we went to see Black Swan (review to come soon) with our Dear Friends BA and AT, followed by dinner (beef stew, noodles, roasted asparagus, bread) and dessert (BA and AT brought an awesome fruit tart from Russo’s, whence all good things come) and scintillating conversation (we learned all about earthships) at our place. It was a great evening!

And tonight we are having delicious leftovers: beef stew and asparagus, along with some romaine in a white wine vinaigrette (and a little leftover fruit tart too!). Leftovers are the best.

Leftovers + Salad

We probably won’t be building an earthship, though.

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