M is for Monday. And Morocco.

Avid readers of The Os At Home know that last week we made a Moroccan chicken tagine, and that we quite liked it.  This week we decided to try some more Moroccan deliciousness.

To that end, I cracked open my little Christmas-gift-to-myself, The New York Times Cookbook.  And by little, I mean 1400 recipes.  Maybe ten pictures.  It’s like a great big novel, only not fictional and entirely about food.  Inside this behemoth is a recipe for a spicy Moroccan orange salad.  I tweaked it, as usual (a recipe is like being told what to do. I hate being told what to do.), adding orange zest and juice to the cayenne pepper, paprika, garlic, vinegar, olive oil, oranges, olives, and parsley.

It was really tasty! We also ate mustard roasted fish and asparagus (yes, we are creatures of newly-created habit).  Here is a picture:

Monday feast

Full disclosure:  that parsley you see as the garnish?  Not intentional — I chopped too much for the salad.  Plating, for better or for worse, not the first priority in our kitchen.

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