Yesterday, Chicken Thighs. Today:


Chicken Marbella for Two


Simple Green Salad with a Quick Lemon Vinaigrette



The original Silver Palate (thanks for the cookbook, AJ!) recipe serves 10-12, so we tweaked for two (chicken breasts instead of whole chickens, cut down on a few ingredients, etc.).  The overnight marinade was key — chicken breast turns tough in a heartbeat, so the overnight bath in olive oil, seasonings, and balsamic (substituted for red wine vinegar) did it a world of good.

In other happy culinary news today, we found a little place down the street that makes decent sushi at a reasonable price. Hurrah!  There was a time in my life when I wouldn’t eat sushi — a sad, sad time when the only salmon I ate was overcooked. But no longer.  How I overcame my fear of raw fish (the Mrs. O Story [if this were Lifetime]) is a tale for another day, I suppose. It’s not terribly exciting, so I’m off to think up some embellishments.

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