Two Notes on Julia Child

1. People can’t say enough nice things about Julia Child, and rightly so.  (Mr. O and I are psyched about the prospect of making bouef bourguignon in a few weeks.) But the recipes get all the attention. What deserves more attention than it’s currently getting: the awesome index AND the table of contents AND the subject guide! How thoughtful! How considerate of the reader!

2.  In the acknowledgments section of the book (citation below), which follows an explanation of how The French Chef got off the ground,  she thanks her husband, Paul Child.  It’s lovely:

“Paul Child, the man who is always there: porter, dishwasher, official photographer, mushroom dicer and onion chopper, editor, fish illustrator, manager, taster, idea man, resident poet, and husband.”

What a classy lady.  And what a husband.  Reminds me very much of the one I’m married to.

The French Chef Cookbook, by Julia Child. New York: Alfred A. Knopf. First copyrighted 1963, copyright most recently renewed 1996. Introduction copyright 1998.

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One Response to Two Notes on Julia Child

  1. Angela says:

    So sweet…. 🙂

    Did you end up making the Bourguinon? Her recipe is amazing, but you’ve got to have time — love it. Julia and Paul’s romance was something to behold — love all the pictures taken of the two of them. And you’re right about her awareness of the reader — she was a writer in every way. So happy to have found another Julia lover, and to know about this blog! I adore cooking! Can’t wait to read more. 🙂

    Have you read her book My Life in France? You ought to (yes, in your spare time, I know) such a wonderful tour-de-force of a life and real armchair travel. Cheers!

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