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Our (tidy!) living room


Our Christmas-ready living room!

The left-hand side of the living room (there's Daisy the Chair in the corner!)

Right-hand side of the living room -- with Mr. O and the tiny tree.

Our new fake tree, tastefully (I think) decorated. It allows us to be both cheap and environmentally conscious!

Last year's tree now seems a bit Charlie Brown-esque . . . but we love it still.

(Sorry for that last blurry picture.) More on the decorations themselves in a later blog post.  Suffice to say for now that decorating took place with eggnog in hand and Christmas music in ear.

Some people (Mr. O) love Thanksgiving — the turkey, the pie, the gratitude. Some people (me) love Christmas — so much so that they decorate six or seven weeks in advance.

Christmas is, as Kevin McAllister’s mom puts it, “the season of perpetual hope.”  It is cheery. It brings light to the darkest time of the year. It is clearly the best holiday season (autumn being the best season weather-wise). It comes but once a year.

And so, why shouldn’t it start six or seven weeks early?

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