Sunday Dinner, Chapter 10: In Which Mr. and Mrs. O Celebrate Three Months of Nuptial Bliss

If, on our first day of wedded bliss, someone had asked me, “how would you like to spend the 3 month-a-versary of your wedding?” I would have replied,



to top

roast chicken, baked stuffing (with sausage), and mashed turnips,

such that the living room will look like this:

in other words, delightful."

Please note:

  • the beautiful flowers in the vase, a gift from Mr. O,
  • the pink drink, which is our current favorite — cranberry juice mixed with seltzer water,
  • and the TV, which, if it were past the production companies, would show you a scene from While You Were Sleeping, aka, Mr. O’s  Favorite Chick Flick.  Sandra Bullock is really cute in it.

And now, back to our evening.  I think another comedy may be in our future.

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