A Rainy Afternoon Walk

One day, Mr. O and I went for a rainy afternoon walk.  It was rather short, since the raininess, which we both very much like, was unfortunately accompanied by far too much humidity.

Here are some pictures.

On a different day, we woke up and saw the house across the street as usual.  When we came home, the house had been replaced by

A large hole in the ground and some rocks.

Then we found something that had fallen out of the trees — foliage roadkill, if you will, and I think it looks an awful lot like

light green peapods.

Next, some very nice slate rocks, without and with nice greenery.



I found these tiny purple florets growing next to a larger pink flower, possibly a geranium:

purple is the best color for flowers

Fall is officially here, and the leaves are getting the memo:

leaves that look like ferns

Just when I thought that the camera could be safely stowed in a pocket, I saw this at our feet:

flora cement autograph

maple leaf

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