Purple is the Best

I love purple.  You know this, or you should (for real, people.).

That is why it is upsetting to me that Le Creuset has chosen NOW to come out with an entirely new line of purple (they call it cassis) and lilac enameled cast iron cookware (Williams Sonoma was the voice of doom in this case, but Sur La Table lets you see all the purple at once.).

“But wait,” you say. “Shouldn’t you be pleased that Le Creuset has finally realized the awesome nature of the color purple, and that you can now join in the fun?”

Well, I would be pleased, but this great expansion in the color cookware universe comes AFTER I have set my kitchen color scheme to blue, red, and yellow (to convince my husband that he does not, in fact, have to live surrounded by purple — just in the bathroom and the reading room).  I do have purple items, which I love, but I simply can’t afford to add all the new Le Creuset purple goodness to my kitchen. Le Sigh. Damn you, French makers of perfect cookware!

How did I get into this rant?

Oh yeah, dinner.  (Another of our planned dinners.)

Monday Stir Fry

In case you’re wondering, no, I cannot eat a plate of food that big in one sitting.  Hence, lunch tomorrow is taken care of!

Anyway, Mr. O and I were eating our delicious stir fry (lo mein noodles, chicken sausage, peapods, broccoli, red cabbage, onions), and I remarked that it was nice to see the red (as opposed to green) cabbage for a change.

Mr. O: “How is that a change?  You see purple almost every minute of every day!”

Mrs. O:  (raises an eyebrow menacingly)

Mr. O:  “Which is a good thing.”

Darn right it’s a good thing.  Purple is the best.

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