As Promised

As promised, here are pictures from our delightful Saturday visit with Mr. O’s parents.

Mr. O’s parents arrived with housewarming gifts (we especially like the sunflowers!) and gifts from Nana H.  (most importantly: her homemade blueberry jam and strawberry jam — delightful!).

After iced tea and cheese & crackers, we moved on to the dinner portion of our afternoon.  We made wild rice and roasted asparagus (one of our staples — recipe to follow if anyone would like) for the sides, and Mr. O took charge of the main dish.  He broiled haddock topped with breadcrumbs that he made (crushed crackers, melted butter, worcestershire sauce, salt and pepper) and thinly sliced lemons.

Dinner on a plate

As you may or may not know, Mr. O’s birthday is nigh upon us, and so I made a cake to celebrate:

Mr. O, His Parents, and Birthday Cake

And here’s Mr. O blowing out the candles:

Happy almost-birthday, Mr. O!

And that was our lovely visit!

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