Tea Time

Last night, we had a delightful dinner with our Dear Friends JC and MK and a new friend, A — I’m terribly sorry but I still don’t know his last name — tres lovely.  They brought us some really amazing bread and wine, Mr. O made his famous apple crisp (Mr O: “If you want to make something taste like it was made in a restaurant, add more butter.”), and we had a delightful conversation.  And MK brought us an amazing tea set from Turkey, which will be prominently featured on the tea tour later in the blog.

Tonight, Mr. O and I are resting with a comedy (In and Out) and tea (we love tea!):

Thursday Tea Time

We are also eating delicious Chocolatey Cats from Trader J’s, which, Mr. O reminds me, we ate on the night he first met my mother.  We were also watching Moonstruck, as I recall.  A great film.

It’s kind of weird watching a movie with Joan Cusack but no John Cusack. Also, I am really glad that “Here Comes the Bride” was not my wedding march.

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