Flower of the Day

It is rainy and cold-ish here in Boston. But it’s August, so the cold feels novel and exciting; wisps of  balalaika music float in the air, the drizzle could be snow with just a heaping tablespoon of imagination, and the grey sky after days of sun looks refreshing and design-y, like switching to Helvetica Neue Light after writing most of your email in Arial.

It’s not that winter is romantic; it’s just that summer is too damn hot.

Here is a flower, on our rainy Boston porch.

Orange Porch Flower

In other news, we are both feeling mostly better, and Dunder & Mifflin are still showing us their very-alive fishy faces.

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One Response to Flower of the Day

  1. AS says:

    The O’s have a great porch, and that’s a very fine flower. Balalaika! My house font used to be Book Antiqua, but we’re shopping around. American Typewriter? Sometimes.

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