Take that, Rachel Ray!

Rachel Ray has nothing on Mr. O.

We’ve been sorting through wedding photos on our computers while watching The Office, and Mr. O eventually said “are you hungry?” — to which the reply is almost always “yes.”

Twenty minutes later (like I said, take that, Rachel Ray and your thirty-minute empire!), he emerged from the kitchen he had also just cleaned with this:

Salmon and Fresh Corn

Perfectly plated, you’ll observe.  He’s a superstar.

Mr. O, I love you.

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2 Responses to Take that, Rachel Ray!

  1. Mr. O's mother-in-law says:

    Is this what’s going to happen, eventually, to Dunder and Mifflin?

  2. Mrs. O says:

    I certainly hope not. Also, they are not big enough for eating. Maybe Matilda Furface Van Pelt would want to eat them, but she, alas, loved by all except Mr. O’s mother-in-law, has gone to her great kitty reward.

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