Tonight’s Episode: Daisy comes to live with the Os.

Dear Reader, we are so happy and proud to announce the arrival of (weighing in at about 50 pounds and 40 inches):


[So sorry for the blurry picture.]

Daisy is a lovely marmalade-colored and extremely comfortable chair who comes to us today from my very dear friend, JC, who does not read blogs.  She decided that since she does not sit in Daisy, Daisy should come live with us (I have always admired Daisy).  It’s a novel idea, and we like it!  The name was JC’s idea, and we love it too — such a cheerful and summery chair.

Daisy sits in the corner next to the etagere (which itself is in front of our non-working fireplace) in the living room.  Along with the lamp and enough space for a cup of tea and a coaster on the etagere’s middle shelf, Daisy is part of a new and delightful reading nook.

In addition to picking up Daisy, we spent lots of the day running errands, mostly food-related. You know us. My husband bought me our first flowers for the apartment, yellow and white carnations. They’re pretty, long-lasting, and my mom’s favorite flower.  Bonus: low on pollen, so no sniffles for Mr. O!

We also bought fresh herbs for the week, and decided to store them in vases instead of letting them get squishy in the fridge. Here is the completed effect on our kitchen windowsill:

Herbs and flowers

Doesn’t the dill look like weeping willows? The flowers outside are on RR’s butterfly bushes — there were 8 monarch butterflies at the bush this morning!

Finally, here’s a preview of tomorrow night’s Sunday Dinner Post:

It involves chocolate.

See you tomorrow, Dear Reader.

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2 Responses to Tonight’s Episode: Daisy comes to live with the Os.

  1. Let me know how the herbs keep in the vases. I might have to give that a try. Did you put water in with them?

  2. Mrs. O says:

    Yes, we did. I think they keep pretty well, generally; it seems that the dill is droopy by nature. The cilantro is still holding up, but some of the parsley has turned yellow, which suggests overwatering to me.

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