Photo Fridays

During the course of many of my travels and exploits, all sorts of photos of varying quality make it into my computer. Some are great, most are silly, and all are stuck inside the void of my computer’s hard drive.

Every Friday I will attempt to post a recent photo that normally would live inside the digital basement that is my iPhoto gallery.

This week’s picture.

Taken in Bath Maine, on the first night of our honeymoon using my ever trusty iPhone 3GS, this rainbow just seems to follow us around. During one of our trips to Montague, to visit the Night Kitchen and do some planning, this rainbow appeared over the Applebees we were about to dine at.

Perhaps this rainbow will follow us to even more places, continents, perhaps planets. We have decided to purchase some property on Mars once that becomes an option!

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One Response to Photo Fridays

  1. Mr. O's mother-in-law says:

    That’s a great photo.

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