The Sounds of the Marriage

The day after the wedding, after all the goodbyes and farewells, Mrs. O and I headed back to the Montague Book Mill for some browsing.

We each had an excellent curry chicken sandwich at the Lady Killigrew Cafe. It perhaps is the best sandwich of that type I’ve ever had. Whole Foods has nothing on The Lady “K”.

While dining and taking in the day, amongst the others reading, writing, and surfing the interweb, the music that came in around us really touched me. It sounded familiar, and then I remembered that Arcade Fire had a new record out. I immediately grabbed my iPhone and began to download it from iTunes, over the bookstore’s WiFi. I was afraid to venture too far during the download, so we browsed for books.

Later, when I checked my phone again, it was complete. We got into the car to return to Boston, our lives, and the daily grind. We listened to the contents of the record in its entirety, with the windows halfway down. The perfect way to spend the 2-hour return trip to normalcy, work, and our lives. The big party was over, and the party of our lives was about to begin.

The Suburbs

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