Sunday Dinner, Chapter 1: In Which Mr. and Mrs. O Attempt to Extend Their Honeymoon Trip by Using Their Lobster Pot for Its Intended Purpose.

This post may be subtitled: My husband, The Lobster Slayer.

On our honeymoon (three days in Maine), we ate lobster at every meal except breakfast.  One of these excursions (to a trailer, a little off the beaten path) resulted in a combined twenty-two mosquito bites.  It was worth it, especially since the lobster roll contained no celery (blech. Sidebar: it figures that we would both dislike a calorie-negative food.).

So we decided to celebrate our last day before normal life resumes with a lobster feast, which required that Mr. O become the Lobster Slayer, since I am too squeamish to kill the crustaceans that I happily intend to eat.

Mr. O: Lobster Slayer

(Check out Mr. O’s honeymoon wear!)

My father suggested that if Mr. O wishes to style himself the Lobster Slayer, he should wear his lobster pot on his head, a la Johnny Appleseed. Mr. O agreed, provided that he also gets to carry a trident.

This conversation took place in the car, as Mr. O and I were on our way to see The Expendables.  Long story short: the lobsters safely stowed in the fridge were better actors. And writers.

(I know, I know — what did I expect?  But how can you put that many famous faces in a movie and still come up short in the snappy dialogue category?)

The lobsters’ sacrifice was not in vain.  We feasted on:

Followed, shortly thereafter, by:

Strawberry pie with an oreo crust

Why strawberry pie with an oreo crust?

Two reasons:

1. At Russo’s (oh how we love thee), we bought 8 pounds of strawberries for 2 dollars.  Not a typo.

2. When I was about to ask Mr. O if he would prefer graham cracker or oreo crust (those who know me know that I (a) hate regular pie crust and (b) never make my own pie crust), he asked “can you make it with the oreo crust?”

Yes, yes I can. And did.  There are, you note, no pictures of the pie after it was cut and topped with more whipped cream than a person should really eat on a Sunday evening.  This is because the pie fell apart into a mass of gooey strawberries and soggy crust when it saw the pie-slicer coming.

However, it still proved delicious — a successful failure.  Just like Apollo 13.

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4 Responses to Sunday Dinner, Chapter 1: In Which Mr. and Mrs. O Attempt to Extend Their Honeymoon Trip by Using Their Lobster Pot for Its Intended Purpose.

  1. Mr. O's mother-in-law says:

    Mr. O’s mother-in-law wonders why she’s never had the famous chowder.

  2. Mrs. O says:

    Mrs. O’s brother writes:

    2010 oscars:
    best picture: inception
    best original screenplay: expendables
    best actor: sylvester stallone, expendables
    best director: sylvestor stallone, expendables
    best supporting actor: arnold schwartzeneggar, expendables

  3. Mr. O's Auntie says:

    I brought my notebook over so Nana could read your blog. When do we get invited up for lobster? Actually Nana would like you to deliver hers! I look forward to all of the curry recipes we’re going to read about – curry ice cream perhaps?

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